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The 10 Basic Things You Should Know about Owning and Maintaining a Backyard Swimming Pool

Everybody wants to have a swimming pool in their own backyard. This is the American dream, and many of us have reached a point in life where we can afford this wonderful extravagance.

But the thing that you and every other pool owner need to realize is that this is an expensive investment in a big responsibility. If you are going to own a backyard swimming pool, you will need to learn how to maintain it so that it lasts for a long time. Otherwise this is going to be a costly disappointment that you ultimately end up regretting over the long run.

A swimming pool should be a fun and exciting experience for everyone. So learn how to properly own and maintain it by checking out the 10 things that every pool owner should know about backyard swimming pool maintenance.

10 Backyard Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Here they are in no specific order:

→ Improper maintenance cuts the lifespan in half – failure to properly maintain your pool will cut its life in half. This is if you give a halfhearted effort at pool maintenance. If you provide no maintenance whatsoever, your swimming pool will last only a quarter of the time that it actually should.

→ Skimming and scrubbing your pool – in order to properly maintain your pool, you need to skim the debris and leaves off of the water’s surface. This will help your swimming pool stay pristine. It’s also wise to scrub the algae off the side of the pool. Do this every other week to prevent unwanted algae growth.

→ Pool pumps use a lot of energy – expect your energy bills to rise after you open up your swimming pool in the spring/summer. Choose a more energy-efficient model if this is going to be a problem.

→ Keeping your pool guy in check – are you paying for weekly pool service? Make sure your pool guy comes once a week, not once every two or three weeks.

→ Swimming pools turn green when you ignore them – avoiding swimming pool maintenance in Spring for two or three weeks will guarantee that it turns green. If heavy rains take place during this time, your pool will turn green even faster.

→ The sun is great for swimmers but not necessarily for pool water – direct sunlight has the ability to dissipate the power of chlorine. And as we know, chlorine is the powerful ingredient that keeps our swimming pools from turning green.

→ Chlorine works better than eco-friendly products – this may not be something that you want to hear, but it is a fact, so learn to live with it.

→ You can clean your pool in 20 minutes or less – all you have to do is acquire the knowledge that will make it happen.

→ Are your pH levels too high? – Baking soda a.k.a. sodium bicarbonate can improve alkalinity and lower pH levels.

→ Is your pool too cloudy? – Feel free to shock it again to eliminate the cloudy water.

New pool owners, please use these 10 basic things to help you maintain your backyard swimming pool.