5 Common Pool Repair Needs

When you live in a warm climate like Texas or Florida, owning a swimming pool is an absolute must. It’s practically considered a necessity, because it’s so hot and you’ll need to cool down every so often.

But owning a swimming pool in Houston comes with its own set of problems. You will need to complete certain pool repairs as things wear out.

Here are five common repairs for swimming pools.

Problems with Your Pump Motor

Out of all five common repairs, pump motor issues have got to be the most common.

To have high quality water in your pool, your pump motor must be working correctly. Otherwise, your water will not heat or circulate or even get filtered correctly.

So, regularly check your pump motor and if it’s not working right have it repaired immediately.

Swimming Pool Plaster Cleaning and Repairs

Because it’s what you see every time you look at your swimming pool and because it acts as a protective layer between the pool water and the structural shell, your pool’s interior plaster finish is vital to both the beauty and integrity of your aquatic retreat.

Your pool plaster acts as a protective layer between the pool water and the structural shell. It is a vital surface is pleasing to your eye and smooth finish for your feet to glide across while cooling off during the summer months.

Interior pool finishes over time or poorly maintained can develop stains, etching or other issues. So you if your pool has stains, this is a cleaning or repair that needs to be corrected by a professional immediately. Pool stains can be cleaned without serious surface damage.

Swimming Pool Liner Tears

Your swimming pool lining will keep the water inside of your pool. So if it tears, this is a repair that needs to be corrected immediately.

The longer your pool is around, the greater chance it’s going to tear.

So, just like your pool pump, regularly check your liner for tears and fix them as soon as you notice one before your pool starts leaking all over the place.

Leaky Swimming Pools

Swimming pools in Spring, TX have a tendency of leaking from time to time. And fixing these leaks is all part of the gig when owning a pool.

If your swimming pool water levels are lower than they should be, it’s time to begin checking for leaks. Do this regularly and often to catch leaks before they become huge problems.

Problems with Swimming Pool Filters

It’s best to change your pool filter on a regular basis. If you do so, you’ll prevent filter problems from ever happening.

If your filter seems clogged, clean it out or change the cartridge immediately. If the problem isn’t solved, you may have another issue on your hands.

Pool Light Problems

If your swimming pool lights go out make sure you change them. More often than not, it’s a simple fix like easily changing a light bulb.


As a swimming pool owner, please keep aware of these five common pool repairs and stay on top of them.