To get the most out of your swimming pool and restore its natural beauty, it’s best to hire a top quality pool specialist to handle your inground pool replastering.

When replastering your pool, you have a couple of options to consider. Your choices include: River Roc, Diamond Brite, and White Plaster.

In an effort to make this easier on you, we will discuss these types of plaster in greater detail as well as provide even more information.

Swimming Pool Preparation Work

Our highly qualified staff cannot come to your home and immediately begin working on your swimming pool. Before replastering can take place, we will need to perform preparation work in order to get everything right before we can begin.

Nothing will change depending upon the finishing that you choose. The prep work that we perform will be the same whether you decide to use Diamond Brite, or River Roc.

This article will be discussing Diamond Brite for educational purposes. Parrot Head Pool Service will recommend  the some of the following Pool Finishes to their customers: Wet Edge, QuartzScapes and Pebble Tec to name a few. Contact Tommy or one of the professional sales staff at our office to learn more and better define current price options.

First, we will have to chip under and undercut the existing tile on the swimming pool. We also have to chip and cut around drains and pool returns. And once that’s through, we then have to clean up the mess that we created before we can begin.

All in all, replastering and swimming pool resurfacing prep work of this nature typically costs around $1500 for a swimming pool of an average size.

White Plaster Pool Replastering

Out of our three existing options, replastering using white plaster is going to be the least expensive option of the bunch.

As an estimate, we typically charge anywhere from $5000-$6500 to replaster using White Plaster. This is actually well below average when compared to other companies performing the same work, so you get a great discount and the benefits of our exceptional work at the same time.

Diamond Brite Pool Replastering

As far as this finish is concerned, it’s the second most expensive pool replastering option. But it also has a much snazzier look than simple white plaster. And even more important, it’s the stronger finish of the two, so you can expect it to last much longer.

Diamond Brite is strong because it is made up of a colored mix that is infused into quartz. You can buy this in a wide range of colors so your options will certainly vary.

This pool finish costs more because it’s more difficult to install so it requires more labor and the product itself is more expensive.

Typically, the cost of Diamond Brite pool replastering runs from $6500-$8500.

River Roc Pool Replastering

Out of our three ideal choices, River Roc finish is the most expensive option. It also happens to be the option that is by far the strongest. And as you can imagine, it’s the option that is also going to last the longest as well.

Remember, you get what you pay for. If you’re willing to pay extra for the more expensive choice, it’s going to last years longer than Diamond Brite and White Plaster. So keep that in mind when making your final decision.

On average, because of the additional labor and more expensive material, you’ll typically have to pay from $8000-$10,000 for this type of pool replastering. But as we’ve mentioned, this glass bead finish is stronger so it
will last for many years to come.

Do you need to refinish your swimming pool? Take advantage of our cost-effective pool replastering services today.

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