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    famous sports people from Spring TX

Although not enough to support a business of tours of the stars homes, we do still have have several famous people whom at one point in time called Spring Texas “Home”.

Famous People From Spring TX

See if you recognize any of the Celebrities whom have either been born, raised, or lived in Spring Texas:

Here are some Fun facts for our pool customers. According to information found from the inter-webs. Do you recognize any of these famous people who may have lived nearby or in Spring, TX.

Actors from Spring, TX

Matt Bomer (actor): was born in Spring Texas and graduated from Klein High School. Matt’s latest role is the starring role as a criminal fighting crime in “White Collar” a show on the USA Network. If you have not heard of Matt Bomer yet, you will soon. In 2009, People Magazine named him “Sexiest Rising Star”.

Eddie Steeples (actor): was born and raised in Spring Texas and graduated from Klein Oak High School. In 2004, he made People magazine’s list of “World’s Sexiest Men”. Some of Eddie’s most recognized roles were his role as the “Rubber Band Man” in the Office Max ads and his role of Darnell Turner in the NBC Sitcom “My Name is Earl”.

Lee Pace(actor): was raised in Spring Texas and graduated from Klein High School. Lee has several credits to his name including roles in “Pushing Daisies”, “Wonderfalls”, and “the Good Shepherd”.

Jim Parsons (actor): graduated from Klein Oak High School in 1991. In 2010, Jim won an emmy for best actor in a comedy series for his role of Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory”. Jim’s other works include a recurring role in the television series “Judging Amy”.

Musicians from Spring TX

Lyle Lovett (musician): probably the most recognized name with Spring Texas roots. Lyle is the great, great grandson of Adam Klein, the founder of Klein Texas. Lyle and his family still own many acres of land in Spring Texas including a stretch along Spring Cypress.

Olympic Medalist from Spring TX

Laura Wilkinson (Olympic Medalist): was raised in Spring Texas and graduated from Klein High School. Laura has won several platform diving medals at the Olympics, World Cup, and Goodwill Games.

Chad Hedrick (Olympic Medalist): was born in Spring Texas. Chad has won 5 speed skatingd medals during his career. He won three medals at the 2006 Winter Olympics and two medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Famous Sports Person from Spring TX

Local kid, now an American former professional baseball pitcher, makes good on getting drafted by the Florida Marlins back in 1999 right out of Spring High School. He pitched a no hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies on May 25, 2014 for the Dodgers, becoming the 19th man to do so in Dodgers history.

Josh Beckett (MLB pitcher): was born in 1980 and raised in Spring Texas. Josh has played for the Florida Marlins, Boston Red Soxs and Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2003, Josh received the World Series MVP Award. In 2008, Josh recorded his 1,000th career strikeout.

Actress raised mostly in Spring TX

Sherry Stringfield (actress): was born in Colorado Springs but mainly raised in Spring Texas. She also graduated from Klein High School. You may remember her from her role on “E.R.”

Do you know of any other Celebrities whom have called Spring Texas “Home”?

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